Need to get over injury

Well its been a few years since i shattered my elbow while pitching, and i just started pitching again. But i have been playing baseball.

And now that ive been pitching ive noticed that i always feel pain in the back of my shoulder. My pitching coach has identified my problem as letting my arm drag behind my body. But i know i have subconsciously done this to avoid putting stress on my elbow, but now it hurts my shoulder

I just need to see how i could avoid putting added stress on my elbow or shoulder.

In order to protect your elbow, you’re using the shoulder more. That extra load on the shoulder can cause problems if you’re not careful so don’t overdo it. As your elbow gets to feeling normal and, mentally, you regain confidence in it, you will start to use it more and the shoulder less - things will balance back out. You just need to make sure you don’t cause a “cascade injury” to the shoulder before you get to that point.

Also, soreness on the backside of the shoulder could simply be a strength/conditioning issue with your decellerators. Lots of throwing and not so much pitching would be one way to help condition the backside more safely. Tubing exercises would also be good. Rows, etc. can help as well.

And Im really starting to understand whats going on with my body. During the winter months I play AAU basketball and I started lifting weights for the first time. I grew quite a bit of muscle especially on my shoulders and chest, so I think I just need to do what you said and just throw.

And today my team had a double header, and I focused on keeping my shoulder in sync with my body and I pitched very well. I was supposed to get the start but they brought down a guy to pitch. I finished off the last 3 and 1/3 innings, and I didnt allow any hits. I had 7 K’s, and one hit batsman.

Thanks for the advice, it always helps to have multiple opinions thrown your way.