Need to gain weight

Can anybody tell me how many meals a day i have to eat to gain at least 5 or 10 pounds a month. Give me something reasonable.

And if anybod knows about any good protein that i can take or any good supplements that ya could recommend me.

Right now im taking Weight gainer 2500 but i dont see any results probably 2 pounds i have gain in a month, and im looking to gain about 5 or 10 lbs a month. Leave comment please.

How tall are you right now and how much do you weigh?

Im like 6’0 6’1 weight about 145

The amount of food you need to gain weight varies person to person. Studies show some peoples metabolism ramps up as they eat more food.

For me I need to be eating over 4000 calories (6+ meals).
Many people can gain weight with a bit over 3000 calories or less.

You should experiment with how much you need. If you aren’t gaining enough try adding 250 or more calories per day.