Need Testers For New Bands

We have a new product - Warbird Warbands. We want to get feedback from informed ballplayers, as this is our first product launch. You can check them out here:

You’ll get the Elite package - our long eBook plus the base system.

So rather than take the first 5 emails to pick testers, we’re making a little contest to choose who to mail bands to.

All you have to do:

-Follow us on Twitter (@warbirdacademy)
-Summarize perfect mechanics in one tweet @warbirdacademy (grammar counts - I hate butchered english)
-Be a current player, please. We want these to impact your career in a positive way.
-Once you use them, shoot us an email about how they work for you. We need constructive feedback.

Alright? Thanks in advance! Our bands are completely different than those on the market and we want to know what you think. Dan Blewett

Sounds like a huge opportunity. I already submitted my tweet and also followed your company on twitter. Im currently a sophomore in High School pitcher for our Team and also Summer league team as well

Shot you a tweet, hope I can try out a set. @Seanmason14

Good luck with them Ben! We manufactured our own line as well and we are super happy that we did so. Can’t wait to see them in action.

EDIT: $25 + shipping!? Hot damn! Great value!

Looks like a great product Dan. Just shot you a tweet myself(@DiamondDawg39) I’m a former D1 pitcher (was at University of Hartford before the Army cut my tuition assistance there) currently playing in some amateur leagues in the Boston area looking to get back on a college team and finish my education once I completely bounce back from a labrum tear.

Thanks everyone. We will wrap up the contest this weekend, still hoping for a bigger response. We will put up a video of a few exercises with the bands tomorrow. Should have done that in the first place; the photo is somewhat vague.

Also WTF, Ben? I am losing my mind.

Good luck, DAN. Sorry about that.

Ben is with us. We’re trying to mold him into a man.

Yeah, I guess that’s how I got confused.