Need some way to decrese elbow soreness

This clip was taken several months ago but to my knowledge I havn’t changed anything. After I pitch/ throw I have soreness in my inner right elbow or right on top of my elbow (palm facing up) along that tendon. I have been told that I need to use my arm less and my body more to take stress of my arm. I have also been told to increase my seperation. I just need an answer to why I have soreness here. It led to tendonitis this past fall so I took 7 weeks off from throwing and threw for the first time this past Saturday. My arm felt great!! However, the next day and even today my elbow was quite sore.

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I’m a rookie at analyzing pitching mechanics, but I would say that when you rotate towards home plate, your elbow is too low. I had that soreness too, might have been the same problem. Since I got my elbow up a bit, there are no problems, no soreness, etc.

the soreness is likely because you just started throwing. you will have some soreness. If it gets worse after numerous sessions its a problem but if it doesn’t its okay. At least thats what my doctor said after I had my arm trouble. I think that you should improve your shoulder and back strength. This will raise your arm slot and hopefully prevent the low elbow that GermanSP pointed out in his post. I know that I had a similar issue and now its better simply because my shoulder strength improved.

thanks alot guys but how do i raise my arm slot or get my elbow up higher? I think by increasing my seperation and work on following through more I have been getting it a little higher what are some other ways?

how hard were you throwing during that vid?

Yeah, though it probably is from taking those 7 weeks off. Unless it hurts when you throw and bothers you, I don’t think its serious

I can’t tell you much about mechanics but I’m on NCSA Sports too. The muscles in your elbow may just be weak, try doing curls with really light weights, I like to do some rice bucket work even though they say it’s mostly for grip it seems to help the muscles in my elbow too.


It is after i throw like the next day it is always sore

how hard were you throwing during that vid?

You need to get checked. By an orthopedic surgeon with arm/hand/shoulder expertise. You know your arm shouldn’t feel that way.
Ask him about ACP (Autologus Conditioned Platlet Injection). My son was treated for similar pain with this extraordinary and simple procedure (So amazing that I’m worried about the placebo effect). I contacted and had a discussion on ASMI’s web-site about what they’ve experienced with the procedure and they’ve had great…no, really outstanding results, with only labrum leision as the one injury which hasn’t produced markedly positive results and no side effects like cortisone produces, as it is your own stuff that fixes yourself. Basically it uses your own white blood platlets to “heal” the soft tissue. It takes about 5 minutes and thats just waiting for the blood to get seperated by a centrifuge. ASMI uses an ultra-sound machine to determine the weakened area, my son’s doctor just went by the area’s in which he had pain. He said the injection hurt pretty good, his elbow swelled for that afternoon, the next morning he said he felt like his arm was really better, yesterday (5 days later) he told me it was the first time since last Feb that his elbow felt right and the same as his other elbow. :shock: This after he had basically rested his arm the whole summer and it still wasn’t right…sound familiar?
Now I have no idea if this will be the thing that fixes you. It is why it is so important for you to get to a doctor.
Once you are right, then video your mechs and lets get an idea if this is mechanically caused or if you have some deficiency in your conditioning…or if you’ve been over-used…or if you slipped one day on the mound…a whole bunch of things could be the cause. Get better and then we’ll figure it out.

jdromfla…I can throw 90 pitches a game without my elbow hurting its the day after that makes it sore. I don’t know how to explain it I’ve heard from some people that its just soreness (my future pitching coach) that is natural after pitching and I’ve also heard other things like its your mechanics or w/e. I just took 7 weeks off from throwing, the first time i go back out there and throw with my buddy my whole arm feels great including my elbow (btw I had just healed from tendonitis in the elbow) The next day my elbow was sore only when i held it straight out with my palm facing up like when i stretch that tendon. Hope this info helps

Sure doesn’t change my mind…get checked, my son threw cg’s and many innings, fine while throwing. Soft tissue injuries are always more weakened and susceptble once they happen.

thanks i think I’ll start conditioning and get running to be conditioned and I will work on some mechanical things I’ve never had serious problems with it just tendonitis and that is because of overuse that is healed now…