Need some velocity, take a look

17 year old LHP looking for a little more velocity. Typically in the 82-85 range. Hope you guys don’t mind but I’m not crazy about publicly posting video so I have the link just let me know if you’d be willing to help me out and I’ll send it, thanks.

No problem, you can send a PM with a video link on it if you like.

Link please?

You’ll get a lot more quicker critique if you just add up the video. The only crazies we got here are baseball crazies, just sayiiin :jumping:

jaman48, got your link and sent you a PM of my comments…really looks great!

not sure how big you are but the mechanics are actually pretty good. I think the main things are just lack of intent and probably some strength and explosiveness. You’ve got a clean arm action and you appear to rotate pretty well.

Again, don’t know if you lift/how strong you are, but I can see you adding 2-3 mph from intent alone (you look like your throws are only about 90% effort) and probably another few at least from adding some strength.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re gonna develop into a pretty hard thrower. I could easily see you hitting 88-90 mph in the future. If you’re already a real strong kid though I might take that back, but most 17 year olds are nowhere close to their physical potential and have a lot of room to develop.