Need some type of work out!

My summer season is going to end in about 2 weeks and I need a workout to do for summer and fall. The problem is I don’t have a way to get to a gym. I do have 4 resistance tubes though so I can use them and I mean i can run and things like that but I have no idea what else I can do. And I don’t know a lot of exercises for the resistance tubes. So if anyone can tell me other things I can do and tell me some exercises with the tubes I’d appreciate it.

Never Gymless is bodyweight and resistance band based. Check out

Anymore ideas? And does anyone know how well this program works?

I do NG and have been very happy with the results. If you check out the forum on the site I linked, you can look around and see the type of results people get.

The only other person I know that uses resistance tubes heavily in his training is JC Santana. I have some of his circuit training dvd’s for combat athletes and thought they were decent (but overpriced). He has a bodyweight training dvd, as well as a band and pulley dvd on his site.

I’d much rather spend the 30 bucks on Ross’ book than drop $190 on JC’s dvds though.