Need some pro advice

I’m really looking to hear what someone with experience with pitching thinks of my sons mechanics.

He’s 13 (turned 13 in Dec.)and has been working with a pitching instructor for about the past 6 months. The pitching instructor has completely overhauled him as you can see in some of my other You Tube Video’s. His velocity has jumped up and so has his movement.

I’m a little concerned about how he is picking up his hand.(You can see what I’m talking about in the slow mo side view.) It’s like he’s pulling the ball out of his arm pit. He just started doing it. I think he needs to get more separation from his body. What do you guys think?

Overall how does he look? Because I’ve heard people tell me he’s going to hurt his arm. Or I’ve also heard his arm action is amazing, so which is it? He never complains of arm pain or soreness. I just want to make sure I keep him safe. Thanks.

Typically to get the ball from the break to the loaded position the action would move in a circle, the hands should break, the ball should move down right past the right leg and continue in a circle right up to a 90 degree position with the ball facing between 3rd and 2nd base…all this happens just as the body/hips starts to move forward toward home.

So is what he’s doing bad?

Your son is short-arming. He’s basically raising his elbow up first then raising his hand up over shoulder height on the near side of his elbow as opposed to the far side. Kinda like he’s brushing his cheek with his hand.

In his high loaded position, his elbow to hand points towards to his head/ear as opposed to straight up (90 degrees). He looks like he’s “throwing darts”.

There are many thoughts about whether or not this is a good/bad thing however it is generally perceived as bad as from that position, to get the arm into maximum external rotation, the forearm needs to circle around back out which if you try for yourself, feels stressful.

Now what’s also very interesting is that he offsets the additional stress as he bring his elbow very high which eliminates alot of the need from the forearm to circle backward to MER…very Lincecum like.

I would be interested in seeing some video from the back side to see what his spinal tilt looks like however I suspect its not as great as you normally would need for such an overhead throw…primarily due to his high elbow.

That arm tucking, it looks like a full extension from the break, to a Lincecum drop. It’s the part after that, going into the into the armpit, then drifting back out and up to his ear, then finally to the full cock and acceleration that looks bizarre and unnecessary.

Maybe he’s just getting a better feel for slinging action, helping himself keep a loose arm or something.

But unless he’s really another Lincecum he’s probably going to have to quiet that down someday. It’s all natural, but highly exaggerated… what’s normal is: break, extend a bit as the arm comes around to a high cocked position in whatever drifty loose way you want, but with only a little bend in the elbow somewhere in there, as opposed to a completely flexed elbow bringing the ball all the way back in.

His windup reminds me a little bit of Dontrelle Willis’. He’s doing an excellent job at hiding the ball from the batter and has a motion that seems very disruptive to a batter but it looks painful to watch esp. in slow motion. If it doesn’t hurt or cause injury then it may prove to be very sucessful and unique.

It reminds me a little of Lyncecum, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad but I do think it can develop into timing problems and physical issues later as he throws harder and harder, but it looks comfortable to him right now.

well i think his arm action is fine, especially if it isnt bothering him, his arms up and ready to throw and his external rotation doesnt seem effected, so id say roll with it.

I noticed something a little different than the arm action. If you go from :40-:44 of the video you can tell he doesn’t have much forward momentum to the plate. Then at :45 when he’s trying to lead with his hips, which is good, his knee is still directly over his ankle which means his optimal force is pointing straight up. My suggestion would be that as soon has he lifts his leg, to try and get his knee in front of his right ankle that way it will cause his hips to lead earlier, build more momentum and have a better force line towards the plate that will generate a longer stride.

the only concern is the arm extension you need for you to be more comfortable in pitching many innings.

you need to extend your arm a little bit more , if you don’t want to extend your arm, these are the pitchers of arm swing that you might want to learn from:

Clayton Kershaw, Cliff Lee, Mark Buehrle

If you can extend your arm more :
your arm action will looks like

Jon Lester, Roger Clemens, Maddux etc

overall pitching mechanics:

you got enough stride (around 90% above of your height)

your finish is good, you face the catcher when you finish and stand still

this is very important, because a lot of MLB pitchers they fail to do the last stage well

again, reminder,i hope you can extend your arm more
when you swing