Need some help..

Yesterday for my JV high school team (Im’ a freshmen) I pitched all 7 innings and we won. I need help, though.

  1. By the 6th and 7th inning I had two K’s per inning, was throwing my hardest, and could hit every spot I want. I was “in the zone.” How do I achieve that effect next time I pitch?

  2. I iced my arm for about 20 minutes after I pitched and right now it is really soar. What can I do to help it? Should I stretch?

You are asking the million dollar question!! Only about 25% of the time will
you have your best stuff. What I have found though is that when I was at my best is when I was well rested. So I would suggest the day before you pitch do very light throwing and that night get plenty of sleep. To keep in focus during the game, go to the corner of the dugout to be alone.
Finally, check out the next four hitters you will face the next inning to see what they did.

As far as the sore arm, try running for abut 20 minutes after you pitch to help remove the lactic acid build up in the muscles.

Run poles right after the game, getting the blood flowing right after helps the healing process get going right now. Once you get done witht that then you can ice and advil if you feel like there is more than just soreness from use. 20 on 20 off for shoulder and elbow for 3 sets.