Need some Help

Ok Iam a Senior at my high school and i am a pitcher and i need some help getting my fastball up to speed i pitch about high 68 but iam hit my spots all the time i can put the ball where ever i need it and i do want to get my fastball up to speed if someone could give me some tips on how to get it up that would be great thanks…

I would give you 2 suggestions, First post a video if you can, You will get some great help from folks on this site and Second, if you don’t take lessons, get a couple, find a pitching coach in your area and get yourself looked at. Roger who posts on this site has a link to Tom House trained pitching coaches in the U.S., just search on his name and you will find that. If you don’t have one of those in your area, contact local colleges or even ask the coach of your hs team, they’ll know about coaches in your area.
Good Luck

Handley 16 pitcher:
I’ve coached some kids and have had some good luck using the weighted baseballs and long toss to gain speed and strength . Check out Steven Ellis’s weighted ball program and Mike Marshall’s too , I bet you’ll gain speed and strength.

The key to velocity is getting your hips rotating ahead of your shoulders; this enables your hips to powerfully pull your shoulders around. This photo of Casey fossum is an extreme example of what this looks like…