Need some help guys

hey guys…im new to the forum and have a situation im not sure how to handle…im 17 years old and will be going into my senior year…given injury, and other situations i havent played baseball since 6th 7th and 8th grade.,.about 4 years ago…i will be a senior next year, and my love for baseball really inspired me to want to dive back in and pitch…but ive left out a crucial 3 years of baseball in which pitching speeds have increased drastically, and the enviorment is much diffrent…does anyone think its possible for me to get back in this for my last year? many people are telling me its near impossible to be somewhat good, but its somthing i really want to do…what would you guys do :? …thanks a lot in advance for the help!

I think it’s worth a shot.

I would start conditioning and training now since you’ve taken a few years off.

oh definately think u could do it, im 18 and i just started pitching last July and i top out at 88 on good days and avg 85 on my fast ball, but i still have a lot to learn. but yea i think you could do it just start getting in shape and stuff now and u should be good next year. But i hope you now somebody tie to your schools team because high school ball is all politics.

     good luck

ya well luckily the coach is my history teacher and really likes me…i told him today wat i wanna do and he said if i can hit some and throw some good low 80s accurate balls than i could play…but im already pretty in shape body wise…im a pretty big kid with not a lot of body fat, and need improvement stamina…its been a while :? …

im sure if u pick up a ball now and start throwing and if ur history teacher is the coach im sure ull be in great shape, but dont take that for granted and go out and impress him.

What kind of injuries did you have in the past?

ALso get with a good pitching instructor in your area. Try and video tape your lessons as well.

Just because you are in shape in general (e.g. big biceps), it doesn’t mean that your arm, shoulder, and abs are in shape.

Get Tom Seaver’s book or Google for “Throwers Ten”.

Forget Speed! If you can throw in the upper 70’s and hit your spots with your fastball & come up with a decent breaking pitch “curveball or slider” You should be able to contribute to your team.
Best Of Luck !

i had a tear in my calf from lifting and had to slowly come up from that…and this year i became fully healed…and had little time to work on anything b4 the season started