Need some advise

Im a 12 year old pitcher/3rd basemen. I have very small hands, which is a pain ( 6 4/15 inches from top of wrist to top of middle finger). I have trouble throwing some pitches and can seem to get spin on most of them. Any suggestions on kinds of pitches or different grips?

I dont know, it would be hard if your hands are so small to get a good speed difference between your fastball and change up as your hand could struggle to fully smuther the ball for a change up. and throwing curve balls or sliders is not very adviseable at your age.

I feel your pain! From the top of wrist to the top of third finger my hands are only 7 1/4 at 51 years old. Hopefully, your hands will grow some.

Mine never did, so somes way I dealt with it. Realize that most of the arcane pitches calling for long strong fingers are not in your future-this incluses Fork ball, Splitter, Knuckle cuve (thrown the Burt Hooten way), Three fingered change…My hands were just not big enough- even a traditional knuckler was hard-had to use three finger variety.

Its not all minuses though. Because my hands were tiny, I had excellent grip of my breaking pitches. I could hold the ball with my finger tips very easily. This meant excellent leverage for pitches like curves, sliders, & screwballs-all my breaking stuff was a red blur. I also changed arm slots, but this requires a lot of practice and IMHO a natural knack for doing it.

So its not all bad-its what you make of it, Ian.

well, ill say this…a good fastball is better than any breaking ball you can learn. Most kids in your leagues probably cant catch up with a good fastball so why mess with other stuff when they are weak against what you can throw

Your 12 i wouldnt recommend messing with any curves or pitches other than fastball and change until your hands get bigger and you get 3-5 years older. For the changeup by the way…i dont know if this would work or not so experts help me out with some suggestions for smaller hand guys.

If you grip the change like you would normally and pronate your throwing arm while throwing your normal fastball arm speed i think (i think im not sure cuz i am not an expert pitching coach or something like that) that will take something off the ball because it would move the speed on the side of the ball instead of on top of it and therefore the change would move a little bit as well.

But until you can get some confirmation from our great staff here on this website dont try what i say. I have been injury free but im not old enough to tell you if im injury prone or not. Im only 14 after all.

With the tiny hands like mine, classic change grip gave the most control. Palm ball the most movment, but that was at the end of my career and required a very strong thumb.

Thenumber35 is right, at 12, command of the fastball is the best pitch. I think Steve has the classic change posted. Ian.