Need some advice

My season will be ending in a couple of weeks and I am planning for the off-season. I don’t know if we will have fall ball or not - but we might.

I am trying to decide whether to shut the whole thing down for awhile or to keep throwing. I have been throwing pretty much for the last year with only a one or two week break every couple of months (Christmas, spring break, etc). I have mixed in some body weight exercises and running. My arm does not hurt after I pitch and doesn’t feel “tired” when I work between starts.

I would like to take some private lessons with my pitching coach during the off season and throughout the winter - but don’t want to take them if I don’t condition my arm during this same period, but I also don’t want to overuse my arm. I plan on starting phase 1 of tuff cuff probably in middle of July or the first of August.

I will be 15 on August 1st.

Any advice on what I should do about throwing in the offseason?

You need to pick a time frame and shut it down. The University of North Florida calls it “Active rest”, it means go have fun, stay active but take at least a month and give you arm/shoulder a rest. It allows for healing and it allows you to rejuvinate…I always like to encourage guys to plan during this time frame and set goals. To take yourself away from it will serve to wet your appetite and make you want it all the more.

I agree with JD. Young kids especially need to shut it down for a month or even two months each year.

realy not even light throwing

I’m not so sure I completely agree with the idea of “zero throwing” for a set period of time every year.

I do understand the need for a long rest period every year from competitive pitching, and the need for off-season conditioning work that may not involve very much throwing, and the desirability of playing other sports than just baseball at 15 yo.

On the other hand, if you and your dad or your friends like to play catch on flat ground together 3 or 4 times per month during the off-season, I don’t see harm in that.

And, there is one person it would probably benefit a lot—your dad… 8)

I think this is reasonable exception…

Ah, there’s the real motive! :nod: :wink: