Need some advice

Hey guys I am 24 years old about 6ft 3 and weigh 280 pounds. I have been out of the game for a few years but have not stopped throwing and keeping my arm in somewhat shape. in high school and freshman year in college i stayed at 90mph, touching 92 at times. I have a strong arm but need to lose this weight and really get it all going. i did get recruited in high school by a few D1 schools around the houston area and eventually chose to go to UH but had to leave school my feshman year due to tragic family events and never returned to the game. I am out of shape but really want to give this thing a go and see what i got whether it be college or independent league or who knows.
obviously i need to lose weight and i need advice on what all needs to be done to really do this the right way and also really find everything i have in my arm because i think i got low to mid 90s if i really lose this weight and get this going full force. Any workouts or throwing, stretching any kind of tips would be great. Thanks a lot

read up on intermittent fasting…read john berardi’s free ebook
…look into ron wolforth’s stuff, mike reinold, nick Tumminello, Tony Gentilcore

start educating yourself if you really want to make this work…You could be a completely new person 1 year from now if you make the commitment and go after it

I second that, self research defines a player.

Eat less calories than your body needs, simple.

Kyle Leon Workout

drink green tea it will help to loss weight