Need SOme Advice (good advice)

Hey everybody,
I play in college, but I am looking to hit a few of the minor league “open tryouts” this spring/summer. I was hoping you guys could give me some good tips for getting noticed and such. Im a pitcher, I’am 6’4’’ and around 260 ,my velocity hovers around 89, and i throw a hard sharp slider and moving change up(in case any of that helps).
I welcome all advice.

I can’t help you with where to try out or how to get into the try-outs but I will say this. You have the size, you have the velocity, and you have the pitches. If you have effective control and good mental/emotional make-up then you’re the complete package and that will speak for itself and get you noticed. IMHO.

any other tips?
I showed also tell you that i tend to be verrry quite, and alot of times, people dont really ‘take notice’ of me

haha dont worry about that at 6 4 260 tossin 90 you wont have to talk, let your play do the talking for you …stay positive youll be all set…youve already passed the hard part…HAVING what it takes…now just put it to use … best of luck

go try out for any of the independent league teams in your area. if what you say is true you will have no trouble making an independent team roster. be prepared to make no money and live in poverty until you are picked up by a minor league team (more poverty) or decide you’ve had enough.

Im in college, im used to living in poverty, lol