Need some advice about my 12yr old pitcher


In 2016 my son played with a community based league and travel after that. He’s had elbow pain off and on for a year! It’s on the outside of his elbow. I’d bench him till it felt better. Fast forward to fall baseball… same thing. The dr said he didn’t want my son to pick up a ball or bat for four months. He followed drs orders (although he was not happy at all). This spring we only signed him up for travel because we thought it might’ve been an over used situation. Last night he pitched the best game he’s ever pitched. It was awesome! However, when he came off the field and his arm had “cooled down” he was in pain. He’s still in pain today but there’s no swelling or bruising. I’m treating it with ice and ibuprofen. Can anyone help guide me?


Is your son’s doctor an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine? If not, I would take him to one. Pain on the outside of the elbow in youth pitchers can be many things, from not serious to very serious. A very serious injury is Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Elbow. I know twin boys who were diagnosed with it at 13 and 14. Their doctor - a top orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine who treats MLB players - attributed the injury to overuse from year round baseball.


Thank you so much for the advice. I feel a bit silly for not thinking to do that. I’m taking him to a orthopedic dr who treats sports injuries next week. Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon! Thanks again!


If he is throwing any curves, etc, I would cut that. Also tell him to ease into his fastball, meaning do not come out throwing his fastest right off the bat.


He can throw a curve, but it’s very limited to practice at home, and not repetitive. I took him to a sports med dr and they did an MRI. It showed medial epicondylitis which simply put is “baseball elbow” but I’m sure y’all already knew what that meant lol. His only concern was the tendon was aggrivated and swollen. He said that at 12, the elbow bones aren’t fused, but should be by 14yrs old. He said it’s possible he could throw one & pull a piece of the unfused bone. But we’re following drs orders and easing him back in


Yes right now your son has been diagnosed with “have had too much fun” tell him that his condition will get better if he does paces himself for a while and that by the time he is 15 he’ll be able to do some serious training to prevent that from happening ever again. Til then don’t over play yourself