Need Pitching Advice

I’m 19 5’7, 5’8, 154lb. i never was clocked but going to guess i throw between mid to low 70s. i had surgery about a year ago on my labrum. I’m lucky enough to work with Phil Donley. I know i should be asking him but i would also like to hear all of your opinions.

But my question is, will i gain velocity or lose velocity because of my surgery. My therapy is slowly progressing and have been stuck throwing 150 ft for distances and still feel pain in my shoulder

Also when I throw i was told my arm speed was slower when i go threw a pitching motion but faster when i go threw a outfielder motion(back leg behind the front leg) and at my cc team we do some on the vanderblit pitching throwing program but it doesnt seem like im gaining velocity.

But does anyone have any advice on how to gain velocity or work outs

what type of labrum tear was yours? how long until you started throwing again? i ask because i am going through the rehab for my labrum tear.

i had a slap repair. it took me 4 to 5 months to start throwing and it was very limited.

i had a type 2 slap repair and its been about 5 months and i havent been able to throw yet. shoulder just tightened up so much after surgery its taking forever to get my full range of motion back.

i know how it feels, some days i feel real tight and other days real loose. but i do feel pinching sometimes too

Don’t rush it. I know where you’re coming from, and I know that it’s taking longer than you would like, but don’t rush it. Just keep on working on what you need to do and give your arm time to recover completely. Maybe you’ll get your full velocity back, maybe not, but the important thing is to get your arm and shoulder flexibility back, and if you may no longer be able to throw 100 miles an hour you can compensate by becoming a very good finesse pitcher. There are many pitches you can use that won’t put any strain on your arm. So hang in there. 8)

I just had surgery on my shoulder to repair 2 ligaments that were unattached and its 7 months before i can start throwing so i know how you guys feels. Just stick to your rehab program and continue to work hard at that. They say that people who have tommy john surgery it takes them 2 years until they are completley back to normal so I am guessing it is the same kind of thing for the shuolder. My advice is keep doing the things that they allow you to in rehab and strenghten your shoulder up. in time you will be back to normal