Need mre flexibility (im an ambidextrous pitcher)

whoever may correspond.

hi im looking to get more flexible i dont really know how, i play baseball and im a pitcher i want to throw harder. i know that one of the ways that i can throw harder is to be more flexible, but i dont know how to be more flexible. i am looking to get to this position

where the trunk and the hips are totally separated, also im looking to for the external rotation of the rotator cuff i am an ambidextrous pitcher and i throw 10 mph slower from my left side and the biggest difference between my sides is my flexibility i have way more flexibility from my right side.

can you recommend me something, thanks

here is a video of myself


Tough call … we haven’t had too many ambi pitchers on LTP. What’s your age?

have you had more? im 21

The more you throw the more flexible your shoulder will be, and you probably thrown more pitches with right hand. There might be some shoulder exercises though, I don’t know.