Need more velocity

My fastball hasn’t gained much velocity since last season. I thought it would come back as I got got into the season. still throwing the usual for me 76-79, and can’t seem to get over the 80 hump. my change up is my best pitch at 59-63, but i feel like tom glavine or jamie moyer. I NEED some power, any suggestions?

Your velocity seems good for high school especially if you have a good change up and are deceptive. I’m a sophmore in high school and throw around mid-upper 70’s hoping to break 80. Make sure you have a long toss program that is suitable for your needs. With long toss it is important to stay on a routine. Also, you may want to lift weights with emphasis on the core and legs. Finally, make sure your mechanics are sound. You can only throw as hard as your mechanics allow you to.

yeah that’s a good idea, longtoss for me right now isn’t routine, maybe once every two weeks. any opinion on weighted balls? Good or Bad?

People have different opinions on weighted balls, some love them and some don’t like them one bit. I think by starting to long toss is a sure way to strengthen your arm.

Dear Big Righty:

I think one easy way to improve velocity is to establish increased tempo to the plate with the lower body. Not only does this take the stress off your arm, but it provides you with straight line momentum behind the ball which should help produce increase velocity readings. Try this, with a partner start out of a full windup. Time yourself with a stopwatch. What is the time? Try speeding up the tempo of your pivot and kick. Is the time getting faster to the plate? Does it seem like your throwing harder?

HS pitchers have a tendency to work so slow that their lower body never gets a chance to help the arm. MLB players on TV look so smooth and fluid but in reality they are moving so quick and forceful that you have to be there in person to understand just how rapid these guys get their body going.

Good Luck,
Coach Kreber

last year i was throwing in the 50’s last year in 8th grade but was lights out.i had a curve that was 12 to 6.lights out but i still haven’t been able to push off the mound but want to learn how.the velocity is the only thing i lack.i have the stamina and i have the other pitches. last year in 8th grade i had a 1.40 era in 60 innings.please any advice