Need more velocity


I am a 20 year old LHP that pitched in high school. My junior year I was clocked at 84 a few times but roughly sat on 79. Without throwing in almost 2 years I started throwing again. I’ve clocked myself twice since I’ve started back up & can’t get above 75. In my head there is no way this is possible but it obviously is. Even in high school I only threw when it came around to baseball season. Any ideas of how this is possible & what I could do to get my velocity back to the 80s?


You are going to have to start from scratch, and that means starting by playing catch. And you have to do this every day, no Monday through Friday and then knock off for the weekend. So, starting tomorrow, get someone to play catch with, and do it, 20-30 minutes at a time. Start easy at first, and then work up some speed. And you have to do it with intent—and that means intent to throw hard, to throw the crap out of the ball. There can be no lollygagging. Remember what so many pitching coaches, managers, etc. have said—you have to throw before you can even think about pitching.
It will take time, but you’ll get back into the rhythm of throwing. And here’s a story about pitcher David Cone—it was the offseason, and he was taking some of his teammates and other folks on a cruise. But one morning he was discovered with teammate Jorge Posada, and there they were on the top deck of the ship, playing a rousing game of catch, throwing with intent and aiming to throw the crap out of the ball. Coney was already getting ready for the next season! That’s right—you never stop throwing. It’s the best way to keep your arm loose and flexible.
And then you can get into working up a pitch or two. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:


That’s what I’ve been doing for a few months now. Me & my buddies joined a 18+ baseball league & my first game pitching I pitched through 6 innings with 12 strikeouts with absolutely no pain or anything. I felt great & felt like I was throwing harder than 74. I still have my location on my pitches. Honestly I think it might be my mechanics. I think I’m opening up my hips too early.


try and post a video of you throwing and let us take a look. Might be able to offer some advice.


Get video. Also, do you do any weight training?