Need more movement on change-up

i have been trying to get more movement on my change-up, but it isn’t happening. I know the grip and that you’re supposed to pronate the wrist, but it usually doesn’t have any movement. Sometimes it almost looks as fast as my fastball. How can i get more movement?Also wondering if i even need it. I throw a two-seam, four-seam, curve, and splitter.

You probably don’t need the change-up if your splitter works, IMHO.

But, if you still want to work on the changeup, then make sure that when you try to pronate the pitch that (1) you don’t let your arm sweep across in front of you, (2) you don’t alter your posture, and (3) you maintain as close to fastball arm speed as possible. Maintain your posture and throw through to the target with good arm speed while pronating and that should help you put spin on the ball.

It sounds as if all your pitches are at the same speed or close to it, and that’s not what one wants in a changeup—there should be a distinct difference. You might want to try a palm ball or a circle change, both of which are noticeably slower; one or the other might just do the trick for you. :slight_smile: