Need hitting advice

Today I went to the local cages and I was not impressed. I tried to correct some of the mistakes I was making but did not have much luck. I have been hitting off the tee lately and it is not showing. This is obviously not the best day ive hit but here is a clip of me. Let me know What I could do and what you think, Thanks in advance

Your swing is very handsy. You use almost all your upper body and not enough of your legs and core.

The strongest part of your body is your lower body not your upper body, so use the strongest part of your body not the weakest.

Try working on rotating your hips when you swing, work with a tee and try to make sure you’re not just swatting at the ball with your hands.

Try to swing through the ball instead of at the ball because you seem to stop right at contact and even slow down a little to contact, if you go through the ball you will accelerate and generate power at contact.

By the way, is the a Black Magic you’re using? My friend and I destroyed an old one of those the other day because it was dead, lol, we took an axe out of the back of my truck.

Thanks for replying and I now see it. Lol no its a louisville powerized that i use to train with.

My friend also had one of those it was a green one it was old but it was still a beast unfortunately it got stolen.

Swing the bat with conviction! Do damage at the plate!

get bat up as you wait for pitch your bat is to flat get it to about a 45 degree angle on your shoulder. also as someone said your not using lower half enough turn your hips back(load) have your bellybutton pointing back to the tip of homeplate then lightly stride 3-6 inches load when pitchers hands break to pitch, stride when pitcher comes thru to pitch. hips lead the way hands follow keep barrel of bat above wrists as you approach ball top hand throws barrel to the ball make contact and extend your hands

First off, please don’t type all caps.

Second, you’re idea of a stance may work for you or someone you know but a stance is more about comfortability as long as you can get into position to swing and make solid contact you don’t need to worry about your stance. The stride really shouldn’t be 3-6 inches, some people do that but the best hitters in the game, A-Rod for example don’t really even stride, A-Rod taps his toe as sort of a timing mechanism, it’s less of a stride than it is just a leg lift.

You’re describing a linear coaching style, listen though the barrel shouldn’t always be above the wrists, how on Earth is someone to hit a low pitch that way?

Not trying to insult you just pointing out holes in your teaching method, to help this guy.