Need helpful critique of this pitcher


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Well, there are a couple things that stand out right away…

  1. He takes the ball out of his glove immediately upon lifting his lead leg. The ball should be removed from the glove much later. He shouldn’t remove the ball until forward momentum is established (more on that in a moment).

  2. Back to forward momentum. He is standing straight up and down. He needs to lead with his front hip, people often call this the “power angle”. Imagine forming a “>” shape with the body. The point being the front hip. Keep the body weight distributed on the back leg while leading with the hip. It will promote proper forward momentum.

  3. -> No glove hand action at all <- He basically takes the ball out and never moves the glove arm at all. The glove side arm should basically be a mirror image of pitching arm. Use the front side arm to help pull the trunk around. I personally, try to point at the hitter with my glove side pointer finger and then as I begin delivering the ball I pull back with my glove-side hand and tuck my glove in close to my body.

I would start by addressing those aspects of his delivery. Too much change at once is not a good thing, especially with younger players because they will tend to get over loaded with information. Changing one thing is better than being overloaded and not changing anything. The best way to develop solid mechanics is to work from the feet up. Good footwork and lower body mechanics will breed better upper body mechanics.

Sounds good. Some more info. Normally his glove side arm mirrors the pitching side. He does point it at the batter but he doesn’t pull it back into his chest. I was thinking that may be one reason he was turning so hard left. I had him for that day just start his glove against his chest and keep it there. We will fix that. He can mirror and then pull it to his chest. He did that for me later on in that practice.

I understand about leading with the hip. We will work on that.

As for removing the ball from his glove much later, won’t that effect his timing? Is his timing off now? Is that your thinking?


Dick Mills has stated in the past that late hand break is crucial. Ball delivery should be as late as possible, meaning that your body is what creates velocity. The arm has zero bearing in velocity, well, maybe like 0.01%. The arm is just a whip that delivers the ball. If you get the arm involved too early then it will cut your body short of developing maximum velocity.

Timing is important, but proper timing. It may feel akward to keep the hands together longer, but watch MLB pitchers and see when they break their hands. A vast majority break them late, after momentum is established and the body is already moving forward.

Let’s work on one thing at the time. After release, his follow through is really bad. It’s like his elbow stops moving forward and his arm keeps going and his hand points straight down to the ground. I can’t decide if he isn’t moving forward hard enough to finish his follow through or if he is moving forward to fast because he is coming up on his toe of his lead foot. I can’t tell if he is MAKING his back leg come around and that is what is turning him to the left or if he is turning left and his back leg is just following to help naturally balance himself. I’m in a panic here. He is our #1 pitcher and without him throwing strikes we are in trouble.