Need help !!

I’m sending this message from Tecate, Mexico (down in Baja).
I just got the “TUFFCUFF” book via mail yesterday because I want to help my 17 yr old son make some real progress as a pitcher.
At this time he is throwing 84 to 87 mph. He is 6’ 3" and weights aprox 240 lbs. He is very strong and I know he can probably increase his velocity at least 3 to 5 miles if he gets into the routines in the book.
The thing is, since here in Mexico the schools don’t have the same schedules as in the US (sometimes they don’t even have organized sports) we need to adapt the phases in the book to the schedules of the leagues he is playing in at this time. He is playing Saturdays & Sundays but pitches only one time per week.
The league has just started and I want some advice on what phase he should start with. I hope someone can help me.

Thanks !!
M. Bello

Welcome to the forum!!!
If your season just started I think you should do the in season stuff, best thing is just maintain and don’t over exert. Your son is a big kid and throws some solid velocity. How many games will he pitch this year?
Sorry it took a day to get to you.

Thanks for the reply !!. . . (No problem about the time).

He is in two tournaments at this time so he will be playing until March, they have games on Saturdays & Sundays, altough he will be pitching only one time per week.
I’m trying to keep him between 75 to 85 pitches x game. He also plays 1B son that gives him the chance to work on his hitting and bunting also.

M. Bello

Are you coaching him? How can you keep his pitch count down if you don’t? So he’ll pitch about 24 times…yes I’d go with the maintenance or in season aspect of the Tuff Cuff book. Once a week at that pitch count is plenty of rest…I guess there will be at least a bull pen and a long toss session per week to go with that so I’d say it is where I’d try to stay…after March I’d give him some active rest and then get with the conditioning aspect.

Thank you very much for the great advise !!

I’m the first base coach on one of the teams and the scorekeeper on the other. I always try to help him out with advise and training but when it comes to pitching, that is a different thing.
Pitching coaches in Mexico are hard to find if you are not pitching professional baseball, so that is why I’m trying my best to get him whatever he needs to succeed.
In the las couple of years he has played in two national tournaments with Baja California and he also played in a invitation world tournament called “Japan Boys”, so he has been doing really good. Now I want to help him take the next step. I believe this book will help him a lot.
I already talked to some of my coach friends and we will try to put something together for other kids also so they can help each other out with the training.

Thank you very much !!

Manuel Bello

We are always happy to help. Feel free to ask as much as you’d like. Maybe you might want to consider posting a video on the Mechanics Forum, just so we can see him in action…maybe someone can make a suggestion and something else will click.
My best advice is to condition and build up to the velocities you mentioned…you still have time and he has the body, just develop the total package, he’ll get looks just on his size, if he’s an all around great pitcher all the better and it will get him a real shot.

I’ll do that !!. . . . I don’t have a video rigth now, but I can send a picture. . . Is that possible in the forums or does it have to be done via e-mail?

To post a picture, you’ll have to do it via on-line service…like photo-bucket and then drop the link in the forum. If you take you photos to Wal-Mart or Walgreens they offer an on-line service, you can do it that way too.