Need Help

My son is 9 years old and played 9u travel in the spring, he decided he did not want to play football so we are playing on a 9u travel fall team he plays short and pitches-he said yesterday, which was the 3rd practice, that he does not like the coach that the coach has favorite kids-of course his kid along with the other coaches kids-during the drills he said he got two balls hit to him-I noticed this watching the practice, but was not going to say anthing to him–So what do I do-he does not want to play anymore? This is a kid who loves baseball and wants to go outside and throw the ball and hit everyday.

If you could coach, to build up your own team would be the best solution.

I am not kidding. My son has played two years select team (His park does not has travel team). At the end of the first year, the coach was fired by the Board because he did too much favorite to his kids and the other assisstant coaches kids. Two new coaches for this year were guys who filed complains against unfair play. You guess what happened this year? They did exactly the same thing like the last year coach did. They both were fired after the last tournament in July.

My son wasn’t happy with his select team. We started looking travel teams in the area and have 3 tryouts so far without a satisfied result. Because I can not coach, we have to continue…

It’s unfortunate but I have seen this happen too. Back when my boys were getting out of T-ball I saw right there and then I didn’t want my kids getting the coaches that are drill sergeants yelling and screaming at 6 and 7 yr olds when they miss a ball. So I stepped up and coached a team. I made sure for the next 3 seasons I prepared my boys ,and the other kids too, some good mechanics of the game, so they could perform well, and teach them to take criticism the right way. After I couldn’t coach anymore (work schedules) They got lucky with some good coaches that knew its better to play right, than win at all costs.

Fall ball normally is more instruction based and less pressure to win. In your case its too late to coach your own team, but its never too late to talk to the coaches about your concerns. First off stick around for practice and verify your son’s concerns. Is he really being treated different for no reason? If in fact he is being treated differently, ask the coaches about it after practice. They are humans too, may not realize its happening. You paid your son’s way on the team, get the most out of it. If your son isn’t happy with the situation, and you don’t try to make things better, or make him understand in a positive way why it is, your doing just as much damage to your son’s baseball career as the coaches are.

It never hurts to ask.

You need to make sure that it is favoritism at play and, if so, find another team. Don’t let some yahoo destroy your son’s love of the game.

You have 3 options:

  1. Coach a team or at least manage a team yourself
  2. Find a new team and do more homework with the coach before hand
  3. Find a team that does not have a dad coach…hard to do but I have my both my youngest kids on non daddy ball teams.

Of course you could go for option “d” all of the above, manage a team yourself and find a guy who wants to coach, they are out there, more than you might think, pay him and everyone will be happy.

Ok- I watched practice and my son is correct-so I called the coach and spoke to him-what he said was it may have looked that way and he could see why we said that-but he feels that the other boys need a little more practice than my son and not to worry, because he will be our starting ss and pitcher-not my point-I said to him that all boys need practice and just because you feel one needs more than the other (it should be done on his time not my or the teams) is not right-so he said he would change that at the next practice which is tonight-so we wll see. Thanks for all the replies.