Need help

Hi, I’m having trouble with my velocity and I think its due to my mechanics. Right now I don’t have a video camera so I can’t record myself. The problem I have is that when I throw, I feel like I could a little bit harder and faster. It just feels like I’m doing something wrong and it’s holding all the power away from my arm.

A couple common problems on this forum that you might be doing:

  1. You’re separating your arms too early
  2. You’re rotating parts of your body at the wrong times, you land on your front foot, then rotate your hips then your chest.

r u saying this is bad or good?

i have this same problem… im 5’8 130 pounds and top out at 76 but it feels like i could be throwing a few MPH higher… im thinking its a timing issue except i havent been able to get out and record myself

I’m around you’re height too, I’m just 10 pounds heavier. I’m going to see if I could borrow a friend’s camera or something asap so I can get feedback from you guys.

You pitchers who feel you could throw faster/harder;

You all probably play long-toss, but try this method–it could help you.
Go to the outfield and shag fly balls & ground balls. Take a crow hop and throw the ball as hard as you can on a straight line back to home plate. After about 20 throws,
move back onto the pitching rubber and pitch. Now, the key here is to throw with the same motion and speed you threw from the outfield(less the crow hop). And remember, you throw THROUGH your target & catcher,
like you want to put the ball through to the backstop. You should pick up
speed. Note: you will probably loose control and throw very low when you come back to the mound, this is natural, and your control will return.
Try it for a month & see what happens, it cant hurt ya. :smiley: Bill

P.S. I’m not saying the advice about mechanics is bad either–its good.
But try the drill too.