Need Help

Hi, I just signed up today. I have been lurking around for a couple of months, so I decided to start asking questions. I’m 21 years old and play college baseball in Iowa. My question/problem is this. I throw 82 tops mostly around 79. I feel like I dont stay behind the ball that well and my lower body on foot contact isnt doing what is suppose to be doing. I was wondering what the lower half does after foot contact. Also what could I expect from staying behind the ball. I do a good job of getting and keeping my hips and shoulders closed. I feel like I do everything good up till foot contact and at foot contact I was wondering what happens after that. Thanks

You’ll have to clarify what you mean when you say you don’t stay behind the ball for me to comment on that point. What do you do instead?

As for what the bottom half does after foot plant, probably the first thing is the front leg braces to stop the forward motion of the front hip. For the front foot to have opened up and point at the target when it plants, the hips will have had to start opening up as well (except maybe for pitchers named “Gumby”). But they don’t open up completely until after the front foot plants. Once the front foot plants, the front leg braces, the front hip stops its forward movement, and then the back hip rotates around the front hip. This converts linear momentum down the hill into rotational momentum. As the back hip rotates around the front hip (or slightly before?), the back leg and foot turn over (laces down). This allows the hips to fully rotate. Once the hips have fully rotated, then the shoulders rotate, the throwing arm goes through external rotation and then snap/extends foreward. Around this point, the front leg which was hopefully bent will straighten allowing the upper body to bend forward and soften the deceleration of the throwing arm. Finally, the back leg pops up and around.

Is that what you are after?

Thanks that helps out alot. What I meant by I dont stay behind the ball is I feel that there is leaked energy from my throw because I think my hand Is supinated somewhat when I realse and not behind it.

Ok, if it’s a supination issue then, yes, you are “leaking energy” if you’re really trying to throw a fastball and maximize velocity. That’s because when you supinate, you impart force around the ball instead of through it. But you probably get some movement, though, because you’re throwing something similar to a cutter or slider.

BTW, what I described above is what we hope happens. It’s not a a given that things happen that way.