Need help!

Hey everyone! I’m a 5’8 130 pound left handed 16 year old that plans on pitching for my first year…I am not pitching for the school this year but i do plan on playing senior league which starts some time toward the end of May…I do not know my exact velocity but last summer I hit 71 MPH on the radar gun…and ive had a growth spirt and gotten a lot stronger since then so Im guessing I can throw at least 75 with a 4 seamer…but anyway…I can throw a 4 seam and 2 seam fastball somewhat accurate but am outside on righties a lot and low on lefties…I think its just i have to get over the fear of hitting someone…i also can throw a 10-4 curveball fairly accurate and am working on a 12-6 curve and changeup…I also purchased Body Fortress Creatine Drink Mix…(its the really cheap stuff from Wal-Mart)…i havent started taking it yet because I really dont have a place to work out everyday and dont know the effects of it when youre not on a regular routine…i could easily do the simple workouts that dont require weights, benches, etc…such as sit-ups, crunches, pull ups, push ups, core exercises on workout ball, and anything else that doesnt require weights…but the following is a list of what Im really trying to ask:

1.How many pitches should i have and what should they be?

2.Anything i can do to raise my velocity/accuracy in about a month or so??

3.Will that creatine be OK for me to take with only the above workouts?

4.Should I build a mound to practice pitching from or is flat ground OK?

5.What other workouts would be effective for me to do?


Ill just try to answer the questions the way you asked them to make it easier to understand my jibberish.

  1. The number of pitches doesn’t matter to me, what matters to me is how many pitches you can throw for strikes. Even if you just had a Fastball and Change but you could throw them consistently for strikes you would be okay. I would first focus on your Fastball moving it in and out and then with your Changeup. Start with that.

  2. In a month theres no real miracle cure. Just try to play catch 5-6 times a week and even one or two of those being some sort of bullpen session if you can. I would also start on going on some sort of routine with running and even some exercises to gain strength, heavy lifting wont help you all that much right now.

  3. Creatine would be fine to take with those workouts I don’t know a whole lot about most products but as long as you take it with a routine you Stay with you should be okay. The most important thing is to eat right and throw.

  4. A mound would be best once or twice a week for you but if all you have is flat ground then there is definitely some things you can do.

  5. For other workouts click one of the links to go to some of the articles Mr. Ellis has posted with things you can do. He has stuff for running and building strength in your arm as well as some other tidbits you can put into your workouts to make you stronger.

Hope this is a start for you. I know there are the Administrators and other members on this forum can give you more information.