Need help.

Well,im only in 8th grade,and my school doesnt have that good of a baseball team,so im the 2nd n picthing rotation.
Thing is,i dont know exactly what picthes are the best that i have that i use.

These are the pitches i am capable of throwing.(actually throwing,not trying to throw)
Change up=56
2 seamer with tail
tumbling Splitter
and a Half Decent Knuckler(around 50-60 mph)with a tad movement

Im scared to throw the knuckler cuz it has like 5-6 rotations but drops from TOP to Bottom right most of the time.

What picthes should i use??? (4-5 pitches)im looking for a good 5th picth

4 seamer
2 seamer

From the pitches that are listed fastball, 2-seamer, change-up if you can throw all thoughs for strikes with the same arm speed and action throw in the curve dont worrie about the others for now. hit your spots and change speeds and you will be fine.

thanks for your help,and yes my arm speed is the same for fb/change change is more less a palm ball or 4 fingered cange. O i forgot to mention i can throw the curve and fb sidearm to…,for arund same speeds.(Curve is fast and curve is slow)(too offspeed curves)

I dont believe in throwing that many pitches until you’ve mastered the fastball (4 and 2) curve and change.

NC 15 I like your style.

We try and have pitchers master the fastball on the outside part of the plate until they can do it repeatedly. In fact, Andy Lopez, the current head coach at the University of Arizona, would not let his pitchers move on in bullpen work until they master the fastball when he coached at Florida. That is at the Division I level. At the pro level, the Atlanta Braves pitching staff made a living out of mastering the outside fastball for a strike.

My advice to young pitchers is to master pitches before moving to the next pitch. Having five ineffective pitches is not going to help the pitching staff or entire team.

Good Luck…

Sounds like your doing very well learning the pitching game, my advice would be to keep practicing ALL your pitch’s . You will no doubt come up with certain pitch’s you have more confidence in and you will throw those pitch’s most often. But dont neglect having fun practicing throwing all the pitch’s you want to try. You mentioned the knuckleball, don’t be afraid to show it now and then in a game and make the other team aware that you have it, you can always throw it as a ‘waste’ pitch when your ahead on the count just to throw their timing off. Pitching is : movement on the ball, location, changing speeds which upsets hitters timing. There’s a million styles of pitching out there, do what’s comfortable for you and you’ll do fine. Dont forget to do ‘long toss’ for overall strength.

PS: Jump into the Steve Ellis page. -articles, and print out how to throw 10 different pitch’s. Maby you’ve already done this, its just a suggestion and lets face it Mr. Ellis is the ‘pro’. :smiley:

i agree with Nc15 on this master the fastball, change, and curve first before moving on to other picthes. Your young and have many years left and dont need to rush on anything being as young as you are.