Need help with velocity

Hi I’m 15 and I can pitch up to 60 mph. Is there any way I can get like 5 mph faster?

Get a running start? :lol:

just kidding dude. Depending on how good your mechanics are there may be several things you can do to pick up some velocity. The best thing to do is to put up some video of you pitching from a mound at full speed so that some of the experts on this site can do some analysis.

Without seeing you pitch here are a couple things to think about:

  1. are you generating good momentum toward the plate by getting your hips moving that direction during leg lift?

  2. Are you releasing “out in front”? this doesn’t necessarily do anything for your true velocity, but the closer you can release the ball to the plate the faster your perceived velocity will be.

  3. are you opening up your shoulders too early? Do your shoulders rotate prior to foot plant? That should not happen.

good luck!