Need help with tipping pitches

I mainly throw high 3/4 to over the top but I will occasionally drop down and throw sidearm. When I throw sidearm, I can get some good sinker-like action and I think it would be a good way to dupe batters. However, it seems to be too much of a non-reusable pitch.

What I’m asking, is there a way to not tip off the pitch? When they see me drop down it would become obvious to what I am going to throw. I suppose that I could just throw a straight fastball or change but that doesn’t help much. Thanks.

You need more than one pitch from each arm slot to not tip your pitches.

Ok thanks. That’s what I was thinking but I wasn’t quite sure. I was thinking of using a change-up or a slider, the change-up because I think I can get the same movement but with a lower velocity and the slider because its just different.

If you’re going to be successful at dropping down, you best throw all your pitches at both angles, otherwise batters will realize what pitches you throw from what slot, and can sit on a pitch.

For example if you don’t drop down with your fastball, hitters will either sit on your fastball, or wait for you to drop down and throw an off speed pitch.

Personally I don’t see much use for dropping down if you’re successful pitching at your normal slot.

dropping down only on fastball is possible. you can use that one or twice a game and batters wont sit on it because you dont throw it enough. + side arm pitches when the guuy is sitting 3/4 will make him bail out prematurly. better to use that only versus batters of same side. since it’s like a surprise pitch use it only to your advantage. maybe you’ll develop a curve from that side then you can throw both angles more often but you dont need that to be sucessful, just an other weapon like a slider when you have a great curve or a curve when you have a great slider.