need help with pitching mechanics

3rd base view

Catcher’s view

sorry about the poor quality i will upload a better quality video sometime this week. if u need anymore angles of my pitching just tell me.

it seems like you are a little off balance when you lift your leg, your upper body is really leaning towards 1st base. That’s what I can see that really sticks out to me. I’m no expert.

Okay first thing I would work on is going through your motion and stopping right at the point when your leg is up and your glove and throwing hand are at the chest. I would call this the set position but it isn’t, it is right before the leg strides out, but it is raised in the position to kick out. You never really get tall, and that can tire your legs quickly, but my biggest thing with pitching is balance. If you can go to the position where you are on your leg with the other tucked up, and arms at the chest, just go to that point a few times and stop, see if you can stay balanced at that position. There are 2 points I will stop a pitcher at to make sure everything is in order, and this is the first.