Need help with my knuckleball

Hey. I started to throw the knuckleball a week ago and i finnally have the no-rotation down. ok my problem is when i throw it i don’t see the ball moving it dosen’t sink, or go side to side in the air, even though the ball isn’t rotating at all. i don’t see a change in movement. can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong and how to add movement to my knuclkeball. it will be a big help i’m getting it crushed when i play with my friends and they say the same thing all the time “there was no spin, but no movement”…

Thx in Advanced

Hello, fellow knuckleballer.

You might need to throw the ball a little harder. Make sure that you are getting very little to no rotation.

Also, having a partner to throw to will help. They’ll see the ball move more and can give you valuable feedback.

Good luck.

Thx for the advice but how can i avoid spining the ball if i have to throw it harder, how am i supposed to throw it harder without snapping my wrist or giving the ball rotation

The knuckleball was one pitch I never was able to throw. But you might try this site.

w00t! The knuckleball community is growing.

Well one thing is not only should you try to get more velocity but, it’s hard to see a ton of movement from the pitcher’s perspective. I personally see the movement every now and then but, not a lot.

Everyone throws the knuckleball differently and I will tell you one thing that has worked for me to get velocity is to explode with my hips but to release early so that my fingertips follow to my normal release point.

Btw: Before this last season I was not a pitcher, I was OF/1B and then at our first practice we were fooling around, and I had worked with a knuckleball before but, just throwing around and then my coach saw it and now I’m working hard to be a pitcher, I still primarily use the k-ball because it is how I became a pitcher but, I’m working a fastball and a curve now that I will use next year and hopefully get working with all of them.

Thx for all the advice guys i am also happy that the K-ball is getting popular now, but i started to throw it harder with more velocity, i threw it pretty dicently about 6 out of 8 piches didn’t have any rotation when i was practicin today, btw i was trowing with velocity… but i still think i’ doing something wrong because it goes with no velocity at first but for some weird reson it spins in the air when it’s about to get to the catcher i don’t know if it’s just me seeing the ball spin or not. the K-ball will really help me this season if i could just get the no spin down, hope u guys know what’s going on with my k-ball that starts to spin in he air after it leaves my hand with no rotation…

Btw: when i was throwing today i even noticed some drops in my k-ball but my friend saw a whole lot movement than me… so that kinda made me feel good because i am almost perfecting the k-ball…

Well thx for all the help i’ll keep posting if i need more help.

Well if you’ve played with the k-ball like I have, you know that it will do weird things. I do that alot, it will not be spinning and then suddenly start spinning. Try not to watch the ball much, focus more on your target though.

I once threw one that my dad claims hit the brakes when it got closer to him. LOL!

Good luck i’m also learning to throw the k-ball