Need help with my 4 seam

My high school pitching coach told me to hold the 4 seam with my index and middle finger together, but the only grip that I’ve ever seen is with the fingers apart. Is their any advantage for either way?

I find that this is a good explanation…

It’s a good idea to vary your finger position based on what you want the ball to do. I also believe that a bit less velocity coupled with a bit more movement is a good thing–especially if you don’t have blistering speed. I would gladly trade 1-2mph for more movement.

What are you and your PC trying to achieve with moving the fingers? Is there something specific he wants to see from this pitch?

If we get those answers, we can better assist you from there.

I don’t have very good velocity on my fastball but I do have very good movement on it which makes me such a successful pitcher. I was wondering if the placement of my fingers has anything to do with the movement on it. Thank you for the video.

Post a picture of your grip. How far apart are your fingers?

Without good velocity, you may need to rely on movement to be successful.

Try adjusting finger width and pressure on the fastball to experiment with moving the ball around. You may also want to consider trying the two seam fastball for differing movement on pitches.