Need Help with my 14 year old Elbow



Great to find this forum. My son is 14 years old 6 foot lefty. i am very concerned that his elbow/arm has a kink at delivery. His pitching coaches don’t seemed to be concerned but i am. He doesn’t throw too hard i’d say fast ball low 60’s. i feel this delivery is stopping him from throwing harder. I think he need to bring his elbow up and throw around his elbow vs over. Can someone tell me if there is concern and if there is how can i approach changing this.


side view video of his mechanics… not dropping elbow as much…


The elbow should be at shoulder height. It looks like he also needs to work on his lower half.


Can you elaborate on his lower half? And also what can he do to get his elbow up?


It appears to be just the lack of proper external rotation that makes it look funky, although I’d need closer video to tell. Try having him train his rotator cuff, but be careful not to overdo it.

Here’s the deal…
What happens at the end of his delivery is primarily the result of what happens with his legs in the beginning. As others have mentioned, I’d recommend he works on his lower half and everything before his arm is involved and then see what is looks like.


Thanks for the replies. Can you see the video in the link? Sort of a before (left side) and after (right side…) .


his arm is at a strange angle for a lefty


What do you mean @Tucker45?


his arm is more away from him, and he looks like he’s bending to the right which could be part of the elbow situation