Need help with mechs...please?

My problem is I throw all arm and very little leg. My stride is 100% (5’11’). How can I throw more with my legs? Is there any tips or drills to help this? Your comment would be greatly appreciated.

It would be so much easier with a video. Any chance you could upload one?

i’ll try

bend them and go lower

bend them and go lower

sorry bout the double post, my computer sucks asss

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Just because your stride is 100% of your height doesn’t mean you’re achieving that properly. You could be lunging or reaching with the front foot. Lunging would probably throw off your timing. Reaching will keep your weight back end prevent you from getting out over the front leg adequately. In either case, you won’t be generating energy and/or transferring that energy up the chain efficiently. The result? Throwing with all arm.

Some video would be a good thing.