Need help with lower body

Hi. I am currently a junior in high school and im on the baseball team. Im throwing low to mid-eighties, and everyone keeps on telling me that if i would twist more and use my legs i would be throwing a lot harder. im 6’1 220 lbs. Im more stocky than fat but i was just wondering if i worked on my waist and legs would i really be throwing a lot harder? If so what can i do to improve my lower body?

If you’re not using your lower half well, then you could be cheating yourself out of some velocity. You could also be putting more wear and tear on the arm than is necessary. But, for us to determine this is really the case and, if it is, to come up with the appropriate adjustments, we really need to see you pitch. Can you post some video?

i dont have a video right now but i will take one as soon as i can