Need Help with Goals

I am a 17 year old lefty pitcher at University of South Carolina. I’m 160lbs and 5’9". I don’t play for the team, but I’m trying out next year. I was at the previous tryout but didn’t make it. Anyways, I have a few goals I want to reach within the next year: 1-I want to lose some body fat, not weight. Currently at 18%, want to reach 15%. 2-I run a 8 second flat 60-yard dash. I want to run a 7 flat by next fall. 3-I barely top out at 70 mph fastball. I want to reach 80. I know these goals may seem unrealistic but I’ve got to shoot high if I’m gonna make any improvements, right?
My training/workout is on this site:
I’m starting this workout this week. I also go to the batting cage at the school’s field and hit off the tee and pitching machine for maybe an hour or so. I need some help with these goals. Anybody got a good speed and/or pitchers program that will help me get there?

Tuff cuff.

And consistency… lots of consistency.