Need Help with Arm Action

I put up Daniel Bard’s mechanics along side mine.My focus is my arm action of me and of him. He does what I’m trying to do.

I made a video highlighting the points in the delivery I analyze.

This video is private, so you will either have to view it on here, or by using the following link.

Notice how my arm kind of get stuck before it goes up? My arm is parallel much much much longer than it should be. Daniel Bard does what I want to do perfectly. Notice how he is continuously moving up and then forward.

I ‘borrowed’ this clip from another video on youtube as you can see. Which is why I made it private. I play the same clip and end both of our motions at external rotation.

The second half is both of us continuously. You may have to pause because I have unable to make a still image of key points.

I would like to know if anyone knows a drill or something that I can do to work on this. I believe that most everything else in my motion is fine and that, that is my biggest flaw right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. If you want to see me off a mound just click my link in my signature and it will take you to my channel. In my newest video, I’m wearing a pink shirt. It should be the title video thing.

Read the stuff in the thread arm action posted by coachxj and the link posted by lanky should be useful for you.

Notice how he stays tall throughout his motion. I think that I hunch over and my arm can’t get up until my body straightens up. I think this causes my arm to get stuck at parallel.

I think by staying tall throughout my motion may correct my arm action. I’m going to work on this with dry reps and then I will when I go pitch later.

The Justin Verlander video was videotaped by a guy on youtube that has many many good videos of pitchers, hitters, and a few defensive plays on his profile.

I subscribed to him on there because he has so many good videos of super high quality slow motion videos.

Notice how I hunch over before straightening up late in my motion. I think by staying up will help my arm get up sooner.

laflippin is a member here. He posts sometimes.

That’s his name. I don’t think I have ever seen him posy on here. But I know he has great videos on youtube