Need help! Videos

I’ve been having a real bad problem of keeping the ball up in the zone and throwing high consistently, and its been a problem all season long. I’ve tried several things, but nothing seems to work. I have some videos from different angles and any help is greatly appreciated since I’m ready to try almost anything. Thanks a lot

Glove Side:


Throwing Arm Side:

Seems pretty decent. What I don’t like is the way your glove flys by the side of you after you throw it. The glove should tuck in and you should be pulling your body towards your glove. Check out some of the video clips and watch how the pros do it.

I’m sure someone else can get some more detailed analysis.

looks like your rushing after knee lift.

you create good momentum going towards the plate but dont stay sideways long enough to transfer it up into your core and into the ball, thus taking off from your pitches… this is why u fall forward off the mound.

so striding sideways longer and tucking in that glove would be of some help

looks very good (relatively) up through release point, which is by far the hardest part of your motion to get down. You need to focus on a longer “flat back” follow through, and tucking your glove at your side instead of letting it flop down at your hip. But overall, looks very good and dont make too many drastic changes to anything before release point.

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Your balance looks good and stride looks excellent, like it was said before your glove side looks very weak, down below your knees. Glove should pull the ball through so that both arms throw the ball not just your right arm. Try an pull the glove back and under your armpit. Good Luck.

Thanks for the help that is something I will work on. Can a weak glove arm action contribute to throwing high? Thats been my main problem this year and my coach was saying I’ve been dropping my back shoulder and not throwing downhill.

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Your glove side is your control side, it can seriously impact accuracy and speed.

One thing I think will really help you is to think of getting your chest over your lead leg along with a longer stride. This will force you to get the “flat
back” described in one of the replies. Right now you are too erect at release. Getting the chest over the lead leg hopefully will stablize you more and keep you from falling forward.

Yes, if it pulls you open early. I think you need to improve your glove arm by keeping it up in front until release. Once you extend it out front early in your delivery, keep it there and bring the chest to the glove. About the time the shoulders rotate, the glove elbow will drop down and the glove will turn over. But it should still stay up in front until release.

Stabilizing the glove out in front should improve your consistency and help you avoid opening up early.

Your shoulder angle looks good to me. I’d really focus on your glove side as noted. Overall, it looks like you’re doing a lot of things right. Also, I think that you’re really helping yourself by having a mound in your yard - I’d like to see more kids do that.

I agree with bower