Need help..tryouts soon

Hey im Cody im 5’ 11" and around 170. Im a freshman in high school and my tryouts are in about 3 more weeks and I’ve been working out alot and plus going to conditioning with the team for baseball. I want to know if there is anything i can do quickly to better my chances for making the team and what do i need to concentrate on to make it? I mean what are coaches looking for the first day of tryouts?


This is the easiest change to make and it can really make a coach remember you.
When there talking to the group look the coach straight in the eye.
Respond when addressed with yes sir, no sir.

As far as anything done quickly to better your chances, I wouldn’t say there really is. It would seem you have been working to prepare yourself, so this is really the time to see the fruits of your labor and improvements in your ability.

Make sure your doing baseball stuff for the coming weeks.
It doesn’t matter how much you sweat in the offseason; if you never pick up a ball or a bat your just not going to become a better ballplayer.

Keep working on your skills, but dress the part. No jeans. No sneakers. Wear baseball pants and spikes, if you’re going to be outside. Wear a baseball hat. Look the part – first impressions are key.

yeah one of my old coaches used to say if you look like a team you’ll play like a team …we have to team rules say we have to wear pants, spikes and hats. and that we have to respect the game and wear our hats forward instead of how some wear them to the side and backwards.

Here in The Netherlands we only have 30,000 Registrated baseball players.
And the term Try-outs for baseball we don’t have.
But i can give you some advice about the try-outs and what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

The first impression goes through the eye

  • Give a healthy impression (don’t party the day before, don’t drink alcohol or other bad stuff and definitly don’t take drugs).
  • Wear an outfit that shows the coach that you are ready to play ball.

During the Try-out

  • Be yourself
  • show discipline, show that you want to play ball
  • show why the coach should pick you and place you on the mount instead of someone else.
  • if something doesn’t go like you wanted it to go. don’t stick to it. Be different. don’t be another sheep in the big flock.

if 10 pitchers throw a nice fastball and you are the 11th one and you question yourself would i throw harder.
No, switch to your mighty slider or curveball and show the coach that you got a different gun to nail the batters with.

Check out the Dutch guy checking in…good advice Pitcherfromnl…CF is also right on, Steven as usual is right on. I would only say this to you…Don’t press, try your best to relax, I see guys who have put on tons of work prior to tryouts and get there and tank because they sieze up. You have what you bring, be confident and bring what you got and use it.

thanks i usually do have a problem with tensing up…im so anxious for it already

Find out what specifically the tryout will be like from upperclassmen. The coach is going to have a pretty good idea who he’s putting on the team but he’ll have a few spots open for competition.

Give it all you got and whatever happens you’ll know you did your part to effect the outcome. Prepare yourself for any outcome. My freshman year in High School (and that was a long time ago) I got beat out for a starting position at second base by a guy that played behind me all throughout youth baseball. I guess I kind of thought I had it made and took it easy through tryouts and practice. Maybe you’ll run into a guy like I was and you’ll out hustle him. If for some reason the outcome isn’t what you expected don’t ever quit or give up if you truly love to play the game.

All kids develop at different speeds throughout their high school years. You might become very successful in the years to come if you keep working on your game.

Good Luck.

Just relax, I actually get the freshman jitters all over again for my sophmore year.

I actually really didn’t have hardly any gitters freshman year as I was confident in where I was standing with ability, competition and my position, and the facct the coach new me.

Now sophmore year at a different school I’ve got the gitters. Ability wise I’m quite confident I’m fine, going from a top program (ranked nationally in 07) to a decent program that is on an off year. But there’s always anxiousness and such.

Once you get out on the field that basically all goes away. Your out there doing what you know how to do.

Hustling, as mentioned before, is a wonderful way to keep your chances of making the team in perspective. But make sure that you don’t pass out or anything during the conditioning because they can sometimes be brutal in the extreme heat. Make sure and keep yourself hydrated, bring a bottle of water or some Gatorade. Make sure never to drink soda or anything like that before practice, it’s said to dry your eyes out as well as your body. Keep it all fresh so you’re ready to learn what you have to do. Talk to your coach if there is more than one day of conditioning and see what you can improve on from what they tell you after watching you. I asked coach freshman year and he said that not enough people bother to ask that question.