Need Help throwing changeup and control

Ok, this is the first time that I’ve written here. I been a baseball fan for over 3 years now, and been learning to pitch recently, for like 1 and a half month now. I am working slowly on my curveball, because since I am 15, I can’t really throw it that much. But the Changeup is the one I like to throw. I know the basics on how to throw it, like this

But I have some trouble throwing it. Is it exactly like a fastball, just a different grip?

Also, my main problem is the control. I have a lot of troubles locating my pitches in the strike zone. I really don’t know what to do to fix this. Does anyone have a video of a good pitching mechanism that can help me fix my control?

Again, Thanks a lot to whoever helps me. Thanks!

Patience is what you need right now, a month and a half won’t be enough time to deveop a bad cold much less an effective pitch. The change is usually the last pitch developed by a pitcher because it is a pitch of feel not one of technique (Like a curve or slider). It is thrown the same as a fastball, that is the deceptiveness of it, the batter sees the same delivery as he does when you throw the fastball, but has to react to a dramatically slower speed, this is the reason it is such a great wipe out pitch. Keep working on it, relax and realize that you have to crawl to walk and walk to run…everything has a logical progression.

Just be patient with it.
It took me a couple of weeks to get my circle-change down and now it’s golden. Good luck.

try every grips you can find and try each and every one of them for a day.the one you’ll feel comfoprtable with should be the one you’ll keep. be sure not to fall in the arm slowing tendencie to slow your pitches. you have to always throw it fastball armspeed and the change in velocity will get obvious over the time. even some guys with good change-ups dont really notice the velocity difference. the batter though will probably notice itanyway. and thats what really matter.

Ok, thanks for the help on the Change-Up. Now I need help on my control. I recently bought a pitching net to help me a little. Does anyone have any tips to make better my control. Any pitching mechanics that are easy to do and help on control? Thanks!

I really hope that I am not steering you down the wrong path but I find sometimes with different pitches, to find my control I need to aim at a certain spot. For example if my Curveball is hanging high and outside I will try to aim at the opposite spot on the plate to make sure I am getting my arm down through. With saying that when I am short arming my changeup I will really focus on getting down through it and keeping it UNDER the knees. Usually that will start getting me on the path to regaining control.