Need help staying closed?


How would you help a pitcher who needs help staying closed? What do you teach? Visual cues? Pitching drills?


Steven, Glad you posted this topic, have a question. Do you consider “flying open” a direct result of not staying closed or the same thing? I’m looking forward to responses. This is my kids single biggest issue.


Opening up early is usually caused by one of two issues: posture or glove. Tilting to the glove side will often pull a pitcher open early as will messing up (i.e. dropping, pulling or flying open) the glove. So start by assessing these things. Understand that posture and glove issues can be set up by things earlier in the delivery so don’t just assume these things are problems unto themselves. They may actually be symptoms.


Other way around - opening up early is often a result of flying open with the glove.


Roger, Can you elobrate a little more? What is flying open with the glove? Mine has been described as “not staying back”, " running down the mound", & flying open at times. Not used all together and not all the time but when he has issues. When it happens he loses velocity & control suffers, usually missing high. Has eliminated posture & shoulder tilt.dropping to 3/4’s has helped a lot but issues come up from time to time. Issue seemed to start between 14 to 15 years old & has persisted. During same time he had a pretty big growth spurt & his velocity increased quite a bit.


Guess I inadvertently made an assumption about what you meant by “flying open”. To me, “flying open” refers to the glove arm swinging out to the side. That will often lead to early shoulder rotation which, it sounds, is what you were referring to. Early shoulder rotation often results in those high pitches or the “up & in” pitches.

The “stay back” terminology is often ambiguous. Some coaches/instructors use it to mean keeping the upper half back while the front hip gets out front while others use it to mean keeping the total body back as in the old balance point drill.

Growth spurts can certainly affect velocity and control until strength and flexibility catches up with the growth.


Thanks Roger. This one has been a difficult one to get over. Every time we thinks he’s cured it’ll come back (like an antibiotic resistant infection). He’s been told that it looks like he’s trying to throw harder, will get to that point and “lunge”. I’ve always thought flying open is rotation prior to landing foot hitting the ground. I’ve assumed that his " rush" is causing & arm lags. Don’t know that I have a very good understanding.


I see this all the time ,in very different ways best thing I have came up with is the elbow eye’s ball helps keeping the front side closed make them fall to the glove ,


Nzajoe, Are you talking about using elbow like a rifle sight? This is one of the cues he uses. Thanks for your reply.


Yes I like to say more like blocking A punch . Then fall to the glove do not pull the glove in