Need help quickly!

So for the past few months I have tried desperately to find whats wrong with my mechanics. When I’m just tossing I throw fine and seem to have good overall command, movement, and velocity. But whenever I go from the windup or stretch, my control and movement just vanish on my. My 2 seam especially goes from a pretty good sinker to just flat. I feel off-balance.
Recently I videoed myself and noticed that my foot was open towards 1st. I’ve heard that its a flaw but my question is simply why? I know how to fix it and if I hear a good reason for why it is a flaw then I will. Please just tell me why its a flaw?
Btw my foot when just throwing is facing towards the target

Huh? Come on Priceless it isn’t a test of rhetorical dissertive capability…ya know what I mean? Your stuff ain’t workin…Your a smart guy. What is going wrong…tell us. You, I believe, realize that mechanics need to be repeatable and allow the body to deliver the ball to the target in the most efficient manner…so would opening your front foot beyond the target be a good thing? Could diverting your energy away from your goal be a benefit…if you throw the “crossfire” kinda thing like Zita used to do, then possibly. You’ve never mentioned being a deception kind of pitcher before so I think it safe to assume that this isn’t the case…So drop some vid let us work on it.

I will, I feel like I should apologize slightly for this question, I was a bit rash. Its just that I have a big start tomorrow against the top team in our league and I threw a bullpen tonight and NOTHING was working. So I panicked a bit.
I will get a video as soon as I can. Although just by myself looking at the video tapes I get too rotational in my front leg. I kind of sweep it into foot strike while when simply playing catch my foot is much more linear. I’m putting in a few nonstress reps tonight and hope to at least be somewhat close to gameready tomorrow. I’ll make adjustments in the bullpen if I have too.
But yeah a video will be up, probably thursday.
About the tell us whats wrong, well I simply have no consistency. One day I can be hitting the corners, next day I will be all over the place. I feel off balance in my follow through. I feel like my back leg almost has to catch me when it lands. My 4 seamer is straight as an arrow. My two seam is flat, its spin looks off. My curve is either up and in to a righty or way outside. My changeup is always too low away from a lefty or too high away.

Nothing wrong with rotation unless you’re overdoing it. In that case, rather that tone it back, consider increasing your tempo so you don’t have time to rotate too far. Of course, without video, all of this is speculation.

But is this really a mechanical issue or a mental issue? Only you know.