Need help on mechanincs

Hey guys i would really appreciate your feedbacks on my mechanics
i know is not the best angle but it is the only one i got


There are a few things I noticed. First, I don’t like your pointing your
throwing elbow rearward. Instead, take the ball down back and up while
showing the ball to third base. Also have the glove hand point at the catcher to keep things equal on both sides. This will get the ball/body aligment better for throwing more strikes. Lastly get you chest over your lead leg, and the throwing arm over the opposite knee. Your right shoulder should point at the catcher on the follow through.

thanks bro il work on that and post another vid

what I noticed is that your front foot opens up a little too much, you want to have it pointed towards home plate

It would really help us if you could get a closer up video.
And maybe from several angles.


Not an ideal angle…I can see that your back leg/pivot foot is coming around too soon and taking you away from the target to your glove side.

Think more back foot heel to the sky firt before it starts swinging out.

If your front foot/lower half of lead leg is not directional towards the target then your upper half is going to fade towards 1B and not stay behind the ball.

Chest and chin towards the target. While the ball is still in your hand your upper half should not be going to your glove side.

Get out front more and think of the things above to accomplish this.

I would be a dime to a dollar you get your release point another say 6 inches or so towards the plate if you stay behind the ball longer and get out front.

Gaining distance on the hitter is key. Meaning lets say you throw 70 mph, if you gain distance to the hitter on your release point (getting out front more and staying behind the ball) you may gain a little velocity but lets say you then throw 72 mph…gaining 2, 4 or perhaps 6 inches on your release point to the hitter is going to make for less elapsed time for the hitter to react.

Plus if you stay behind the ball more/longer, get out front more you are going to be more apt to pitch down hill rather then stay on the same plane to the hitter.

Keep an open mind, take some things from others, take what you think is working for you and keep working hard.

There are two things that are shooting you in the foot every time you start to work.

HOLES… one in front of the pitcher’s rubber, and a hole where your stride foot lands.

When you’re pitching, your stride foot will dump into the hole down the slope of the mound — then you look at the hole, DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, go right back and do the same thing all over again.

Fill in the holes. Get a nice flat surface for you pivot foot to work off of, and a stable landing for that stride foot to pitch off of. Remember, a pitcher pitches off his front foot (leg). Give it some support and it will return the favor.

There are other things to be addressed, and I’m sure others will take issue with other things.

You look strong and athletic. Great looking field that your playing on. Real nice!

Coach B.

Coach Baker…great recognition of “holes” because this boy is dealing with a couple here.

Great looking field as you mentioned but as is the case a very high majoirty of the time in recreational levels of ball the mound is suspect.

I agree that these holes epecially the one out front are going to have an ultimate bearing on what is or what is not going on.

Absolutely great take on stuff…like you said guys will offer tons of advice in a sense like I did but you hit on a totally different subject that actually relates to what this boy in part is doing.

My whole reason for posting could have simply been because of the back leg swinging around as I had that discussion a couple times in the last week with other coaches…it just frustrates me at times how such an easy thing to address in the back foot being more heal to sky instead of swinging around is so often over looked and this one little area of error can lead to so many other important things going wrong.

Nothing wrong with keeping a neat and tiddy mound for a couple other reasons too…self checking what your feet are doing and keeping it smooth for come backers to you as well as balls that get by you to your fielders…