Need help (Mechanic) with videos

Hi :smiley:

I’m a french pitcher and thank you if you can help me for my mechanic :slight_smile:

I know, in my videos, i did a balk with my left feet.
Sorry for my english and the quality of the videos… My friend took them with my phone :slight_smile:

Not bad.

you’re going from fast to slow instead of slow to fast. it looks to me like you are being careful and slowing down as you release the ball. you want your hand going as fast as you can get it to go when you release the ball. throw as hard as you can for a while into a net instead of to a catcher, then post another video. it’s good that you are a lefty

I agree with Dusty. You need more momentum towards the target. Get your hips moving forward sooner and faster.

Your front leg should stiffen as your body goes onto it. You land with a bent front leg, it should stiffen as you release the ball. If you do some very long toss and throw as far as you can, you may understand what I mean. The front leg drives your hips around and can also dictate a release point that is consistent. Play long toss, as far as you can throw and hard, and as you drive into your front leg to throw think about at what point it stiffens. Most MLB pitchers use their legs in this way, watch a few videos and pay attention to the front leg of guys like Felix Hernandez, or whomever you admire as a pitcher. Tim Lincecum does the front leg thing well, lol.

Thank you for your answers, if I understand correctly, you advise me to go fast forward and use my hips more than that and also my legs?

yes, you’re right Dusty, I am still cautious and I did not start again very quickly on a receiver!
In my baseball club, we are not very well-equipped, I will create a net ^ ^

Right. That’s the whole point, to get your legs and hips into the action. That is where you’ll get your power.

Ok Zita, thank you :slight_smile:

I will try this afternoon and i film my mechanic