Need Help In Pitching Velocity

Ok im new to this site i’ve been in alot of forums and none of them didnt help me as much so im looking forward for ya help.

Ok im 18 yr old im like 6’1 and i throw about 78-80 mph i need to know what i can do to increase my velocity. Im planning to go to college and play college baseball in New York. Right now my location is in the Dominican Republic.

I also wanted to ask if i still have a chance to get signed, i want to know what is the maximum age that a scout is looking for?

Well i have tried long toss, i have tried to practice throwing hard and i dont see as much improvement so if anyone out there can help me in throwing harder and answer my question above i would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

here is two video of me pitching so if you have any comments about it and what should i do to fix my mechanics that will let me will make me throw harder let me know

Personally, i wouldn’t stop at the top of your knee raise, that probably is holding back a bit of velocity.

I have never seen a pause in motion like that ever!!
As slipetz pointed out that would be an issue. Id also raise it higher.
Your glove hand U could tuck it alittle higher insted of resting it on your hip. You could also drive with your hips a little harder. It looks like you just roll your hips over as a part from driving them to give you more velocity

Do you really stop like that or are you trying to work on a certain aspect of your mechanics by stopping during your leg lift?

yea i really have my mechanics like that, but the guy that i was training with told me to stop like that but im willing to change my mechanics if it will give me velocity.

and booma what do you mean drive my hips. i dont really get that.

Driving with your hips, as in as ur leg plants dont just roll your hips over. Sort of throw your right hip over forcing your leg to come over. This should increase velocity, it did for me.

ok so im going to make another video with the stuff i learned from here to see if im doing it correctly.

anybody have anymore comments feel free to put them thanks

Also would a high leg kick help me in increasing velocity and will help me extend when i land with my left foot, because im going to stop pausing in my mechanics.

You need to be generating momentum during your stride. Stopping at the balance point makes it more difficult to do that. Trying to be explosive from a stopped position while standing on one foot requires you to really collapse the back leg and then push off hard. It also causes you to lean back toward 2B. As others have suggested, eliminate the pause and make your entire delivery fluid with a good tempo.

Maintaining a high leg kick while getting the hips moving toward home plate sooner/faster will likely lengthen your stride in addition to building more momentum.

Whoa!! You’re trying to do too many things at one time here. Let’s take this one step at a time. Most things are looking very good, except that pause.

To keep things simple for now, just think about getting your left hip and side moving toward the target just before the top of your knee lift. Move it hard and then, when you can’t go farther, rotate your hips, back leg and back foot just before your front foot lands.

I think you hesitate too much in the leg lift. I think you should just lift leg-> glide out-> rotate the hip into landing in full action. Raising tempo wouldn’t hurt, I guess

ok so first im going to start working on my hips and eliminate my pause in my mechanics, im going to leave it with a high leg kick and then try the other stuff that other people tell me to do.


Be careful with how high your leg kick is. If its extremely high and it works for you good, but if you go from the stretch you might have to eliminate the high leg kick so they don’t steal on you making it more difficult to pitch.

I think that u should not stop at the top of ur leg lift. When u do ur losing momentum towards the plate and that makes u through slower. Then u should stride out as quickly as possible with good timing in ur mechanics. Try to have a long stride, but not something to long so u wont stay in control of ur mechanics and ur balance. That might help in ur velocity

im having a high leg kick from my wind up, but then from the stretch im going to practice not to go as high as i do in my wind up. I will have a new video probably by this week so ya could tell me what i have to change.

Yes everything seems solid except for the pause, you will probably gain 5-7 mph instantly when you stop that pause. Other than that everything looks fairly good, try and get a side angle too for next time.

ok guys today i went to practice and i started working on the things ya told me to do. I saw that i was throwing a little bit harder, thats a good thing because your not going to see improvement right away. I just got to keep on practice it until i get it good. Probably when i get everything to workout, i will throw more harder, just need to practice.

Also does anyone know any excercise to increase velocity that i can do like in my backyard or something?


first don’t pause at the top of your knee lift, that eliminates all of the energy you gained in your wind up

second you need to twist your hips a little bit harder