Need help from pitching coach to achieve goals

Hi there, I am a 2017 HS grad and I am a rhp and I currently top out in the low-mid 80s and am from Vancouver, Canada. I am 6’1 and 157 IBS currently. I am posting on here because in Vancouver there isn’t much help I can get about pitching besides a few ex minor league players who know there stuff but are in high demand around town. I am looking for a knowledgeable pitching coach to sort of take me under there wing and help me acheive my goals.We would discuss pitching and I could send video of me in games and we could cover material like that as well as many other things. My goal is to get a high D1 scholarship and hopefully get drafted after that. If anyone is knowledgeable enough and willing to help it would be very, very appreciated.

allan777, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find everything you need from this media. Your best bet is a one-on-one environment, but until that happens, you’re in good hands here.

Here’s what this web site and its coaches have to offer you:

Anytime you want to research a specific topic, look at the main page of this web site and you’ll see a information strip at the top of the page, saying… etc.
“click” on the topic and you’ll be directed to a ton of informative subjects at your finger tips.

Posting video here is easy and a good way to receive critiques and point by point advice on your approach, form and complete pitching cycle.

There are topics that run down the main page of this web site that are a must for anyone wanting to improve in this position, and baseball in general.

A quick observation - you’re 6’1", 157lb frame is well proportioned - height to weight, for you age. However, there are nutritional and conditioning factors that must be taken into consideration to prepare you for the demands of post high school competition, regardless where you live. So, if you don’t mind, start by posting a picture of yourself and a short history of your baseball experience. The picture need only be a front/side/back, along with some dimensions like - arm length, shoulder width, chest measurement and belly measurement. We’ll work on your pitching video(s) later

You’re going to be PM’d and contacted by a lot of other web sites that’ll offer help - that’s good. Sooner or later though, you’ll be hit with a sales pitch $$$$ for books, videos, advice, and so on. Use your best judgment and that of your family. On this site, we ask nothing but to help you.

By the way, in regards to family - they’re your best supporters. Depend on them to help you reach your goals. This can be a lonely road that you’re about to take, so it helps a lot to have everyone you can get with you.

We all look forward to working with you.

Coach John Baker
Springfield, Massachusetts


Your goals as stated earlier are ambitious.

If you want to go after this as a career, even for college competition, there has to be a “go after it and grab it” approach. So, in that regard, can we offer assistance in using this web site to your advantage? Is there video posting that’s not possible? Is there advice or suggestions that can be provided to help you on your way.

Coach B.