Need Help for Pitcher

I am a pitcher who just wants to throw faster. What else besides longtossshould I be doing?

You need to get your whole body into the action and not just throw with your arm and your shoulder. When you drive off the lower half of your body you use the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, and in doing so you generate more power ehind your pitches, and you find yourself throwing harder and faster…as well as taking a lot of pressure off your arm and shoulder so it seems they’re just going along for trhe ride. I learned to do this a long time ago, watching how some of the Yankee pitchers were doing it, making a note of it and working on this on my own. There are certain exercises you can do, such as the Hershiser drill which focuses on getting your hips into play; NPA has some videos you can watch. 8)