Need help focusing!

I have been tasked to help my team by pitching. I agreed to do it but never thought that is all I’d be doing. I have been advised that my role is to PITCH with occasional at bats and minimal time playing in the field. I am left handed and pitch well. My mind is not in it though and no matter what I think about, I cannot focus to be effective. I want to help the team.

I enjoy pitching but not enough to give up all other aspects of the game.

PLEASE HELP ME. Any advice to get in the mindset would be appreciated. I also welcome any inspirational ideas and even criticism.

Geeze man you leave not much room there…“my mind is not in it”, “I cannot focus etc.”, “tasked”. Looks like you’d have more fun if someone tazered you. I can’t think of anyone that could convince you to enjoy something that obviously repels you. First keep in mind, as you move up, you will be asked to play where the coach anticipates you being able to assist the team. Are you a team player? If so what sacrifice is too great? Perhaps you should keep in mind that folks would kill to get to be “asked”, “tasked” or made to pitch, respect that and show respect for the spot. Second, if the terms are unacceptable then do something else…play for someone who will allow you to play other positions, or find another sport or get a career. One thing is sure though, if your mind isn’t in it you risk injury at higher levels so come to a resolution in your mind and go with it.

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