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I seem to recall someone posting a very insightful reply about what it takes to make a varsity baseball team. I think it talked about things like passion, commitment, hard work, etc. It seems like the reply was posted within the last month but I suppose it could be a bit older than that. Anyone know the post I’m talking about and have any ideas as to what forum and thread this was in?

[quote]I just did a post on this in the “Can I get an amen for Buffalobaseball” post. I thought it was a very important post about mindset. Please read it, it breaks down your critical thought processes and how I think you ought to go foward (The past is gone…leave it there…you won’t succeed being bitter). Have a plan to fit the goal. Tell the coach you are ready, not in a feeling low bummed out kinda way…oh no you look his self right in the eye and let him know it (With passion and respect). Then walk the talk, wait your turn, be a team mate. Hustle (Don’t be a stink up wiennie) do everything he has let the team know he expects. Do it happy, why? Because you are givin it your absolute best shot. If you have skills they won’t hide and a varsity season is long, you’ll lose pitchers for one reason or another (Injury, suckage, kicked off team…whatever). If after you left it all on the ground, things ain’t goin your way then step back and look at the options…Can you transfer, things like that. They get further and further away but you still have lots of opportunity in the next 3/4 years if you got the nuts to deal.
And after all this if it all just doesn’t go your way, ya know what? You still would have givin your best and learned how to get success in the deal. I’ll be thinkin the good thoughts for ya man![/quote]

Is it this by JD?

I got it from this thread.

If thats not it maby it’s in there.

Thanks Bower, but that’s not it. While JD has had many great posts, the one I’m thinking of was posted by a high school or young college kid. That’s part of what made it such an impressive post - tremendous insights and wisdom and from such a young person.

I tried.

I don’t like the search thing for these kind of forums I go on quite a few like these it’s hard because it searches every word you’ll have better luck entering just one word that won’t get a million replys.

I think some of the very best posting in regards to guys who are just now at it (Just graduated or just about to or college) come from Ibarber (No doubt), Centerfield, Rtusk, man we’ve had so many thoughtful passionate kids…guys, dudes…whatever. :roll:

That was a fun post Bower I’m glad you drug it out 8)

Roger…just how much did my mom pay you? :shock:

In the words of the “Great Jerome”…soitently!

As I thought about this I think Bower was right on, it wasn’t me that was the op on that post (Though as usual I was in there goofin around), it was this kid Buffalobaseball that I was exclaiming about as a kid who had it screwed on straight…open, honest assessment, goal setting, direction, those things that let you know the kid is “gonna” find his way no matter.